Corporate Governance Rating



The Corporate Governance Rating Revision Report, prepared according to the “Rating for Compliance with Corporate Governance Principles Agreement” signed between ASELSAN and Saha Kurumsal Yönetim ve Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. (SAHA A.Ş.), which is a rating company authorized for rating practices in Turkey in accordance with Corporate​ Governance Principles of the Capital Markets Board which was published in January 2014, has been completed. Our rating, which had been confirmed as 8.57 over 10 in 2013, has been revised as 9.09 as of 12.12.2014. The increase of the rating is the outcome of ASELSAN’s placing importance on Corporate Governance Principles, the willingness to keep this process continuous and dynamic and the enhancements made accordingly.
Our company’s revised notes over 100 has been determined as 83,30 for Shareholders subchapter, 98,21 for Public Disclosure and Transparency subchapter, 93,78 for Stakeholders subchapter and 90,00 for Board of Directors subchapter.
These notes indicates that ASELSAN performs very good in terms of Capital Markets Board’s corporate governance principles, it has deployed necessary policies and measures, it has, to varying degrees, identified and actively managed all significant corporate governance risks through comprehensive internal controls and management systems, the rights of shareholders and stakeholders has been protected fairly, public disclosure and transparency activities and the structure and operation of board of directors has been at best practice level.