Results of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting -31.03.2014


​​​​​In the 39th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of our Company dated 31.03.2014, it has been resolved :

1.To approve the profit distribution proposal of the Board of Directors,
2.Regarding Board of Directors Members election, to elect Mr.
Hasan CANPOLAT, Mr.MustafaMurat ŞEKER, Mr.Ahmet KESİK, Mr.Murat ÜÇÜNCÜ,Mr.Ahmet Can ÇEVİK and Ms. Nilüfer ÖZDOĞAN for 1 year;according to Corporate Governance Principles, to approve Mr.OralERDOĞAN,Ziya AKBAŞ and Celalettin DÖVER for 1 year as Independent Board Members,
3.To amend article no. 6 of Articles of Association of the Company titled “Company’s Registered Capital”,
4.To approve “Donation and Aid Policy”,“Profit Distribution Policy”, “Disclosure Policy” and “Remuneration Principles for the Members of Board of Directors and Executives with
Administrative Responsibility” which were revised
by the Board of Directors in accordance with the regulations of Capital Markets Board.​