Message from the Chairman

Dear Shareholders of ASELSAN,​​

Our company has completed the 40th year of service to the industry in 2015. ASELSAN, which has achieved many successes during the period, has also accomplished proud results in 2015 as well.

We have maintained our success of enlarging our sales on a continuous basis with a 10% growth also in 2015, our 40th anniversary which we celebrate proudly. In addition to deliveries of USD 1 Billion in 2015, we have received new orders of USD 1.4 Billion, so we have increased our backlog to
USD 4.3 Billion. ASELSAN, which has achieved 201 million USD of exports, has closed the year with USD 255 million cash assets.

ASELSAN continues to rise in the global league by its recognition through its products used in
5 continents, the depth it reached in technology, its R&D strength, and further development of its design-production capabilities. ASELSAN, aiming to be one of the first 50 defense industry companies of the world, raised 5 steps to become 62th in the Defense News Top 100 List in 2015.

Despite the declines in Borsa İstanbul, ASELSAN shares provided to investors more than 40% return in 2015 and have become one of the remarkable shares of the stock exchange.

We have put ASELSAN's Radar and Electronic Warfare Technology Center in Gölbaşı in service with a ceremony attended by the highest level of our government in 2015, and we have completed all our deliveries scheduled within our operations moved to this center. 

Again in 2015, we have finalized the merger of MİKES and acquired MİKES along all of its employees.

In 2015, we have signed the contracts of the Tactical Area Communications System (TASMUS) and the Software Defined Radio concerning the supply of the systems deliverable to the Turkish Armed Forces, and we have initiated our projects to meet the demands and needs of our army in the fastest way.

We have started to develop the transmitters of our national satellite to be developed under the TÜRKSAT-6A National Communication Satellite Development and Production Project.

We have successfully completed the customer acceptance tests of KORKUT systems which will support the air defense capability of the Land Forces of the Turkish Armed Forces, and now we have reached the serial production stage of our project. We have also successfully completed the engineering tests of ALTAY, our tank developed by means of national resources.

We have successfully completed the flight tests of the ASELPOD targeting system, another product of ours, produced entirely by means of the knowledge and labor of Turkish engineers, and now we have reached the serial production stage of our project, too.

We completed the serial production stage in the Precision Guidance Kit Project, where some difficulties had been experienced with the procurement of its alternatives from abroad. We have delivered the first two batches to the Air Forces, and now we are continuing the production operations for the remaining part of the project.

The development process of KORAL, our National Mobile Electronic Warfare System, has been completed and the works related to its delivery to the Air Forces has been carried out in 2015 as well.

Deliveries of the Helicopter Electronic Warfare System (HEWS) which have been developed nationally in line with the needs of the Air Forces Command were also continued with success in the past year, where an analogue of this system was exported to Chili.

We continued the work of Modular Security Systems Project intended to Station and Base Security and completed the infrastructure of the military base zones determined accordingly by the Land Forces and finalized the field acceptance procedures successfully. Our efforts for installing Modular Security Systems in additional military base zones, are continuing in line with the new requirements.

Furthermore, a contract has been signed last year for integrating our toll collection systems, which have been integrated to various spots in our country and functioned successfully until now, to the 3rd Bosporus Bridge as well.

The establishment of the factory of ASELSAN Precision Optics, our affiliate in Sivas which will undertake the development of precision optics technology for ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared frequencies that was designed by ASELSAN and manufactured abroad, which was started in 2014, have also been completed in 2015 and the production has begun.

The process of founding AB Mikronano in partnership with Bilkent University intended to manufacture and sale of Gallium Nitrate-based semiconductors, which are the core element of radar and electronic warfare systems of any kind, has largely been completed in 2015, where the serial production is scheduled to 2016.

Our company, which ranks at top for four years in the "4th Private sector R&D Centers Summit" organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, has been awarded this year the first prize of the Defense Industry in the Performance Index ranking.

Our Company has attached importance to university-industry cooperation as always and in 2015 as well. 172 distinct projects with 36 universities in total from different provinces of Turkey have been carried out this year. TL 376 Million has been funded to universities under projects developed in this context until now.

As an output of our R&D activities we carried out without slowing down in 2015, a total of 36 patents, one of which is in USA and one is in Europe, have been taken out in the name of our company in various fields.

The individual performance, wage and career management systems have been renewed in terms of corporate development, where the organizational structure of our company has been reviewed and necessary revisions have been made.

ASELSAN, which was founded in 1975 by the donations of our nation, is now one of the prominent defense companies of Turkey and the world. We continue successfully on our way as a confidential and literally global company respectful to people and environment and supporting creative and dynamic thinking.

I would like thank from the heart to our stakeholders, administrators, and employees, who always take sides with us and lend their support, I wish to be able to meet you with successful results next year as well, and I greet you all with respect on behalf of myself and the Board of Directors.​