Launching System (SLS)


Missile Launching System (SLS) is a fully automated VSHORAD firing unit using air defense missiles. The main mission of SLS is the low level air defense of stationary and moving forward troops, convoys and tactical bases in the battlefield.

Besides autonomous operation the system architecture of SLS provides coordinated operation with C3I System.

The Fire Control Computer has a flexible software/hardware infrastructure in order to meet the future mission requirements that may evolve.

General Specifications

  • 4 ready-to-fire VSHORAD missiles 
  • Computer controlled passive surveillance, acquisition and tracking features with Infra Red (IR) and Video imagers 
  • Laser Range Finder for target ranging 
  • Two-axes, gyro-stabilized turret providing both stationary and on-the-move target surveillance, detection, tracking and firing capabilities 
  • Fire control computer providing fully automated system functions such as: 

      Turret slewing to the target coordinates assigned by C3I System
      Automatic target tracking
      Target type recognition
      " Target in Range" warning if the target is within the missile firing range
      Automatic super elevation and lead angles insertion
  • Light-weight, autonomous turret, which can be integrated on various types of carrier vehicles
  • Combat under armor protection
  • Embedded Trainer
  • Low profile allowing transportation by C130/C160 on suitable platforms