Missile-IGLA Launching System


Missile-Igla Launching System is a fully automated very short range air defense weapon system using IGLA(S) missiles against fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, remotely piloted vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles based on qualified Aselsan Pedestal Mounted Air Defense System.

As an effective, reliable, affordable Air Defense Solution from ASELSAN, Missile-Igla Launching System highly improves the capabilities of Man Portable Air Defense Systems by providing quick and correct aiming of the missile, improving reaction time, increasing fire power and hit probability.

Flexible architecture provides autonomous as well as coordinated operation with Air Defense Battle Management Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence System and interoperability with allied countries air defense systems.
Salvo firing capability enables the system to perform simultaneous firing of two missiles to one target, dramatically increasing the fire power of the system.

The gyro-stabilized turret of the system and integrated optical sensors enable on-the-move target surveillance, detection, tracking, target type recognition and firing.

The Embedded Training Simulator provides simulations of all processes and trails for various scenarios in order to train for and enable the system operators to achieve full success under battlefield conditions.

General Specifications

  • Fully autonomous Weapon System 
  • Simultaneous firing of two missiles to one target (Salvo Firing) 
  • High performance against physically small targets 
  • Fast reaction time 
  • Shoot-on-the-move capability 
  • Operation in day/night or adverse weather conditions 
  • Infra-red and TV Cameras 
  • Laser Range Finder 
  • Fire control computer providing automated system functions such as: 
      Turret slewing to the target coordinates assigned by air defense C3I System 
      Automatic target tracking 
      Target type recognition 
      “Target in Range” information 
  • IFF sub-system interface 
  • Detachable System Control Unit enabling the control of the system 50 meters away from the vehicle 
  • Light-weight, modular, autonomous turret which can be integrated on various types of carrier vehicles