KORKUT Self Propelled Air Defense Gun System

ASELSAN’s Self Propelled Air Defense Gun System is newly designed and developed for effective ground based air defense against modern air threats. The system consists of a team of three 35 mm Gun Systems and one Command Control System that can operate full autonomously.

As an effective, reliable and maintainable Air Defense Solution from ASELSAN, the system successfully realizes all the functions of detection, tracking, recognition, identification and destruction of the target.

General Specifications of 35 mm Gun System​

  • Common mission execution with armored mechanized troops,
  • Firing on the move with stabilized gun turret,
  • Automatic ammunition feed and selection,
  • Post command coordinated operation,
  • Automatic target tracking with Fire Control Radar,
  • Target acquisition & tracking with electro optic sensors,
  • Effective air defense with advanced fire control algorithms.

General Specifications of Command Control System

  • ​Common mission execution with armored mechanized troops,
  • Target Acquisition & Tracking with 3D Search Radar,
  • Local Area Air Picture Generation,
  • Air picture sharing with post command,
  • Taking engagement orders from post command,
  • Advanced thread evolution and weapon assignment algorithms,
  • Post command control of air defense weapon systems,
  • Identification of Friend or Foe with IFF System.