ZIPKIN Pedestal Mounted Stinger System


Pedestal Mounted Stinger System, ZIPKIN, is a fully automated firing unit using Stinger missiles for very short range air defense. The main mission of Low Level Air Defense System ZIPKIN, is the low level air defense of fixed locations of strategic importance, like radar, air bases and harbors. Besides autonomous operation, the system architecture of ZIPKIN provides coordinated operation with C3I System and other air defense assets.

ZIPKIN, on which Stinger as well as other types of missiles can be mounted, can be adapted to different platforms. ZIPKIN, for which Land Rover Defender 130 is used as transport platform, includes two personnel as gunner and driver (gunner assistant).

System's fire control computer has a flexible architecture to be adapted to future needs with respect to its hardware and software.

General Specifications​

  • High hit probability
  • High fire power
  • Short reaction time
  • Coordinated operation with command control systems
  • 4 ready-to-fire stinger missiles
  • 12.7 mm. automatic machine gun for self defense and missile dead zone coverage
  • Passive surveillance, acquisition and tracking sensors, incorporating thermal and day TV cameras
  • Multi-pulse laser range finder for target ranging
  • Fire control computer providing fully automated system functions
  • IFF system providing interrogation for friend or foe
  • Remote control capability
  • Light-weight, modular turret with high speed, which can be integrated on various types of carrier vehicle