Mission Grip

Main responsibility of MGRIP is to provide user interface for weapon systems, targeting system, digital moving map and multi functional displays. 

MGRIP consists of co-pilot Left Hand Grip, co-pilot Right hand Grip, pilot Grip and two Electronic Control Units. The Electronic Unit is a low power embedded LRU which monitors the switch positions and reports this information to the mission computers through dedicated serial buses.

The Handles of MGRIP are ergonomically designed to maximize the performance of pilot control on mission equipment. NVIS compatible illuminated labels are implemented on GRIPS for night operations. Redundant electronic control units improve the reliability of MGRIP on harsh environmental conditions.

Important Features

General Specifications

  • Embedded Hardware
  • Built-In Test Capability
  • Conduction Cooled design
  • Redundant Electronic Control Unit
  • NVIS Compatible Illuminated Labels

Technical Specifications

  1. Power Specifications
      • Input : MIL-STD-704A compatible 28VDC
      • Power hold-up for short power interrupts
      • Nominal Power Consumption : < 4W
  2. Interfaces

  • 116 x Discrete input, 6 x Discrete Output
  • 4 x RS-485 Output Interface (57600 Baudrate)
  • 1 x RS232 Windows Mouse interface
  • 8 x Analog sensor input


  • MIL-STD-704
  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-461

Physical Specifications

  • Electronic Unit Dimensions: 75 mm (H) x 152 mm (W) x 74 mm (D)
  • Weight:

Electronic Unit: <1 Kg

Co-PLT Left Hand: < 0.9 Kg

Co-PLT Right Hand: < 0.9 Kg

Pilot: < 1 Kg