ANS-310K Tactical Land Inertial Navigation System

ANS-310K is an integrated position and attitude determination system for land vehicles. ANS-310K provides linear acceleration, linear and angular velocity, position, attitude to the host vehicle systems continuously. ANS-310K consists of strapdown inertial measurement unit, system processor unit, power supply unit, Embedded GPS Receiver (EGR) and chassis. ANS-310K is capable of using 12 channel commercial SPS GPS receiver as embedded GPS receiver. ANS-310K is also capable of using external GPS receiver.

The tightly coupled, embedded INS/GPS and integrated odometer mechanization of ANS-310K provides improved performance for land platforms.

ANS-310K provides hybrid (inertial+ GPS + Odometer) navigation solution and GPS only navigation solution simultaneously. ANS-310K has the capability of providing high performance position and attitude with odometer update in case of lack of GPS signals.

ANS-310K is a cost effective solution for all types of ground-based vehicles requiring position and pointing during their mission.

ANS-310K is an open architecture and hardware/ software flexible unit which can be adapted to various land platforms.

Long mean time between failure (MTBF) and internal built in test capability reduces the logistics requirement to a minimum. ANS-310K does not require periodic maintenance.

Important Features

General Specifications

  • Embedded Commercial (SPS) GPS receiver
  • Hybrid, GPS Only Navigation Solution
  • Odometer Update
  • Zero Velocity Update
  • UTM or Geographical Position Calculation
  • True, Grid or Magnetic Heading Calculation
  • Position Update
  • Start-Up BIT, Periodic BIT
  • Field Programmable Software
  • No periodic maintenance

System Operational Modes

  • Initialization
  • Alignment
    • Gyro Compass (GC) Alignment
    • In Motion Alignment with Internal/External GPS
    • Waypoint Alignment
    • Stored Heading Alignment
  • Hybrid Navigation
  • Initiated Built In Test (BIT)

System Interfaces

  • MIL-STD-1275D Electrical Power Interface
  • High speed RS422 Asynchronous Serial Test Interface
  • RS422 Asynchronous Serial User Interface
  • Spare RS422 Asynchronous Serial Interfaces
  • External GPS Interface (ICD-GPS-153)
  • Active and Passive RF Antenna Interface
  • Discrete Interfaces

Navigation Performance

ParameterPerformance Specification

Heading (RMS)

(With GPS aided alignment or

Waypoint Alignment)


7 mils (1 sigma)

Attitude (Roll and Pitch) (RMS)4 mils (1 sigma)
Horizontal Position (CEP) 
Inertial  +  Odometer% 1.0 x distance travelled
Inertial  +  Odometer  +  GPS10 m
Vertical Position (PE) 
Inertial  +  Odometer% 0.4 x distance travelled
Inertial+Odometer+GPS15 m

Alignment Modes and Durations


Gyrocompass Alignment Mode (Coarse Alignment)GPS In-Motion Alignment Mode (Full Alignment)Stored Heading Alignment
180 sec300 sec30 sec

Environmental Conditions

  • MIL-STD-810

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

  • MIL-STD-461 / DO-160E

Dimensions and Weight

  • ~ 24cm x 18cm x 12.5 cm (including connectors)
  • < 4.3 kg with GPS receiver installed