Avionic Integration Capabilities

​Together with the capability to develop and produce highly improved avionic systems, ASELSAN is also able to perform both hardware and software integration of avionic systems to fixed wing and rotary wing air platforms.

By utilizing its own abilities and core capabilities ASELSAN has established the state of the art technology for designing and producing;

  • Flight & Mission Management Systems
  • Display Management Systems
  • Navigation Management Systems
  • Communication Management Systems
  • Identification Mangement Systems
  • Weapon Systems


ASELSAN has airborne system integration expertise on the following fixed and rotary wing platforms:

  • T-129 ATAK
  • AH-1P/S Cobra
  • AH-1W Super Cobra
  • AS-532 Cougar
  • UH-1H/AB-205
  • S70A Blackhawk
  • S70B Seahawk
  • RF-4E Reconnaissance Fighter
  • F-4E Fighter
  • CN-235
  • T-38
  • Mi-17
Important Features