Frequency Hopping Radio Link Device

​​The increasing demand for traffic capacity and the need of providing reliable data transmission services to support C4I applications requires high capacity radio communication in modern Tactical Networks.  GRC-5218 is a new-generation radio link system developed to provide secure and reliable C4ISR networks in 21st century’s battlefield environment.

GRC-5218 is designed to provide jam-resistant reliable two-way data communications. GRC-5218 copes with the extreme jamming threats by utilizing four separate simultaneous channels each having different frequency hopping patterns. Adaptive output power control, forward error correction (FEC), frequency escape function (automatic interference rejection) and the use of directive antennas are the other additional Electronic Protection Measures of the GRC-5218.

GRC-5218 provides network based LOS solutions to tactical area with efficient co-site and collocation properties. A frequency planning tool is available for sophisticated and dense network operations.