HF Software Defined Radio

​​​​ASELSAN multi-service HF SDR family provides secure and reliable radio communication solutions for Land, Air and Naval platforms. These radios enable beyond line of sight communications by employing the latest HF technology and conform to various NATO STANAG's and Military Standards. Software configurable architecture provides reliable secure voice and data communications by supporting various HF radio waveforms and EPM techniques. The versatility of waveforms and modes enable communication even in the most challenging HF channel conditions. With the use of modern technologies such as 3rd Generation Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) and Automatic Channel Selection (ACS), these radios provide ease of use, reducing the need for well-trained and experienced HF radio operators.  ​

General Features

  • Ground, Naval and  Airborne Configurations
  • 1.6-29.999MHz band - STANAG 4203 
  • CW ,USB, LSB, ISB, AM and AME Modulations
  • Supports 10 Hz Channel Spacing
  • Digital voice (S4591 MELPe) and Data  (Synch/Asynch/IP). 
  • Built-In Digital Modem - STANAG 4539
  • Automatic Channel Selection (ACS)
  • Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) - STANAG 4538
  • Built in Encryption for both Voice and Data Services
  • Frequency Hopping Capability 
  • Easy to Use Man Machine Interface
  • Built-in-Test (BITE)
  • Built-in GPS
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Complete Line of System Accessories

User Services

  • STANAG-5066 Compatible
  • ​Link-11 and Link-22 External Modem Interface
  • External GPS Connection
  • External Modem Connection
  • External Crypto Device Connection 
  • SMS (Short Message Service)

Ground HF SDR Configurations

 PRC-9661H Manpack 

  • (20W PEP)

VRC-9661H Vehicular

  • (20W PEP) 
  • (150W PEP)

 VRC-9661H Fixed Station 

  • (150W PEP) 
  • (400W PEP)
  • (1000W PEP)

Naval HF SDR Configurations

  • SRC-9671H   (150W PEP)
  • SRC-9671H   (400W PEP)
  • SRC-9671H   (1000W PEP)

Airborne HF SDR Configuration

  • ARC-9681H   (150W PEP)​
Important Features
  • ​​​1.6-29.999MHz
  • Software Programmable Architecture
  • Land, Airborne and Naval Configurations
  • Advanced Frequency Hopping Techniques
  • Built in Encryption
  • Built in Digital Modem (STANAG-4539)
  • 3G ALE (STANAG-4538)
  • Tactical Internet using STANAG-5066
  • Easy to Use Man Machine Interface
  • Built-in GPS
  • SMS (Short Message Service)