PRC/VRC-9661 VHF/UHF Software Defined Radio


ASELSAN V/UHF Software Defined Radios (SDR’s) are a high performance digital radio family designed within  30-512 MHz band to support land, marine and air platform applications.

Software configurable architecture enables supporting various tactical and professional radio waveforms and EPM techniques.

SDR’s provide Combat Net Radio (CNR), Broad Band Packet Radio (BBPR), Narrow Band Packet Radio (NBPR) and Single Channel Radio Access (SCRA) functionalities.

V/UHF Software Defined Networking Radios (SDNR’s) are designed to provide public safety and air-to-ground-to-air communications capability as well as tactical communications under severe electronic warfare threats.

V/UHF SDR Configurations are:
  • 10W Manpack Radio
  • 10W/50W Vehicular Radio
  • 50W Base Station Radio
Important Features

  • Multiband : 30-512 MHz
  • Ad-Hoc Networking
  • The only SDR using DSSS
  • Low Probability of Interception and Detection (LPI/LPD)
  • Frequency Hoping Rate (30-512 MHz) > 300
  • Frequency Hopping Net Scan (Up to 3 Nets)
  • Simultaneous Voice and Data @ Networking Waveform
  • Full Duplex Voice and Data @ Networking Waveform
  • High Data Rate : >100 Kbps @ Networking Waveform
  • 16/14 Kbps Data Throughput @ Fixed /Frequency Hopping
  • 25 kHz, 12,5 kHz, and 8,33kHz Channel Spacing
  • V24/V28 Ethernet Interface
  • Integration to Strategic Communication Systems
  • 1300 Preset Channels