Software Defined Handheld Radio

Aselsan Software Defined Handheld Radio is designed to provide seamless communications among tactical users through secure voice, data and video. This Software Defined Radio ensures increased survivability against Electronic Warfare threat by providing alternative communication means over a wideband ranging from 30 MHz to 512 MHz. Software configurable architecture enables supporting various waveforms and advanced EPM techniques on the same platform.

PRC-9651 provides Combat Net Radio (CNR), Broad Band Packet Radio (BBPR), Narrow Band Packet Radio (NBPR) and Single Channel Radio Access (SCRA) functionalities.
Important Features
  • Multiband : 30-512 MHz
  • Multimode, multimission
  • Software programmable architecture
  • Advanced EPM Techniques:

- Frequency Hopping

- Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

  • High data rate up to 64 kbps
  • Reliable Radio Networking
  • IP packet data service (variable 64 kbps full-duplex)
  • Simultaneous voice and data
  • ITU-T V.24/V.28 and Ethernet interface
  • 1300 preset channels