Tactical Area Communication Back Bone For Command and Control Systems


Tactical Area Communication Backbone Systems are designed to establish a mobile communication infrastructure and to access terrestrial connections (Military INTRANET, NATONET, INTERNET and VOICE) over TASMUS (Tactical Area Communication System), X-Band/Ku-Band Satellite and HF Communication networks for secure/non secure voice, data, VTC(Video Tele Conference) and fax communication services required in tactical area.

Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) elements and up to date technologies are utilized within the system.

Systems are composed of different configurations and configuration content may possess different quantity of units according to command post’s requirements. This units are integrated to tactical vehicles and Transportable/Mobile Sets.

Local Area Network Configuration Units are portable units which are connected to each other via tactical fiber optical cables and to end users via cupper wires or secure wireless links in order to provide local area network switching and distribution functions in Tactical Command Areas.​
  • Wide area network connections between Tactical Command Areas customized according to mission in field by using proper System Configuration Units and strategic networks are established by using X-Band or Ku-Band satellite communication links, HF radio communication links and ASELSAN Tactical Area Communication System (TASMUS).
  • Design of a system is carried out by reconfiguring System Configuration Units and changing their quantity and placement to match its fundamental concept and usage requirements. By this way different system architectures are build up.
  • In addition, System Configuration Units are produced such a way that they can be used and put together in various combinations. By this way, each system is capable of matching large variety of specific mission requirements.