Naval Systems

​ASELSAN also offers its expertise primarily on the Integrated Combat Systems' development, system design and system integration projects for combatant and non-combatant surface platforms such as fast patrol boats, patrol boats, corvettes, frigates, amphibious ships, rescue ships, seismic research ships and submarines.

ASELSAN, in the bases of user requirements; is developing Integrated Naval Systems supplying the most appropriate technical performance, user interface and logistic performance by using its experience and infrastructure on Project Management, System Integration, Sub-system Design-Development fields.

Taking user requirements into consideration, ASELSAN utilizes in house developed subsystems and technologies such as integrated communication, fire control, stabilized weapons, sonars, torpedo countermeasure, electronic warfare & intelligence, navigation, radar,  electro-optics, data distribution and data communication systems. So, ASELSAN becomes the "system solution partner" for naval shipbuilders and navies, providing cost efficient, custom made turn-key solutions.

On Naval System Solution, ASELSAN uses own infrastructure for adapting and using on naval platforms. This sub-systems or system units are;

  • Naval Combat Systems
  • Naval Combat Management Systems
  • Sonar Systems
  • Under Water Acoustics
  • Torpedo Counter Measure Systems
  • Fire Control Automation,
  • EW Systems,
  • Electronic Intelligence System
  • Internal/External Communications Systems,
  • Radars,
  • Electro-Optik Systems,
  • Stabilized Weapon Systems,
  • Navigation Systems,
  • Self Defense Systems