Naval Systems


ASELSAN has gained its know-how and abilities since its establishment, is taking into account the needs of domestic and foreign users, especially Turkish Naval Command. With the ASELSAN brand, it offers unique combat/Mission system solutions both domestically and internationally for surface and underwater platforms.

Since 2006, ASELSAN has been continuing in the development of naval platforms' combat and mission systems, system design and system integration activities, and it carries out design, production, procurement, testing, integration and logistical support activities of the following subsystems which constitute Naval Combat Systems.

  • Combat System Design & Integration
  • Naval Mission Management Systems
  • Platform Level EMI-EMC Analysis & Test / Platform
    Signature Management
  • Torpedo and Torpedo Countermeasure System
  • Underwater Acoustic and Sonar System
  • Integrated Communication Systems
  • Weapon & Missile Systems
  • Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems
  • Electro-Optical Systems
  • Navigation and Platform Management Systems

ASELSAN has Combat / Mission System solutions on the following platforms:

  • MİLGEM Solution
  • LHD Solution
  • LST Solution
  • MOSHIP/KURYED Solution
  • MTA Solution
  • Coast Guard Search and Rescue Vessel Solution
  • LCT Solution
  • LDG Solution
  • SERHET Solution
  • YTKB Solution
  • New Type Submarine Solution
  • Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker Solution