ASELSAN Variable Depth Sonar (VDS)

​ASELSAN VDS enables surface ships to actively search and detect underwater targets. Based on HIZIR's (ASELSAN Torpedo Countermeasure System) towed array, system can be easiliy mounted on corvette/frigate type ships.

With the help of the advanced sonar processing capabilities system can detect enemy submarines at long distances and successful ASW operations can be performed in a timely manner. The system was designed so that it can operate independantely in shallow water under bad acoustic conditions.

Variable depth sonars are capable to detect far away threats, where hull mounted sonars can not, before they can reach to torpedo threat range. Variable depth sonars can be lowered below layers so that they can detect far away targets. Close range protection can be achieved using hull mounted sonars so that a complete underwater picture can be prepared for sonar operators.