KULAC Echosounder System

KULAC is an Echosounder System developed by ASELSAN for naval and maritime platforms, based on open architecture and modular design principles.

KULAC Echosounder System, measures the distance by receiving the echoes of transmitted acoustic signal and measuring sending/receiving time difference.

KULAC Echosounder is composed of Transmitter, Receiver and Processor Unit, Remote Display Unit, 50 kHz Low Frequency Transducer, 200 kHz or 400 kHz Selectable High Frequency Transducer and Transducer Junction Box. KULAC Echosounder System has 2 Transducers and 4 Transducers options.

KULAC Echosounder has three range determination modes: 'Auto-Interval', 'Auto-Phase' and 'Manual'. When 'Auto-Interval' or 'Auto Phase' mode is selected, pulse power and pulse length of transmissions are automatically adjusted by system.

KULAC Echosounder is capable of data recording, transferring data to external storage via USB, printing recorded and instantaneous measurements.

KULAC Echosounder has built-in test capability to self test and informing the user when an error occurred.

General Features:

  • Rugged design beyond a commercial product
  • Desk, wall or rack mounted configurations
  • Long operational period
  • Synchronized usage of multiple echo sounders in the same platform
  • Compliance with the military standards