Mine Detection System (MATES)

ASELSAN Mine Detection System (MATES) is a high frequency, high resolution sonar system to detect anchored mines, bottom mines and mine like objects.

MATES system consists of a 80 channels receive array (Figure 1), 48 channel transmit array (Figure 2), and Transmit/Receive & Processing Unit (Figure 3).

MATES system has high accuracy range detection and bearing detection capability at various environment and target conditions, by implementing automatic noise prediction and various pulse modulation together with frequency domain high resolution beamforming techniques appropriate for changing environmental and target conditions.

MATES system sensor arrays are placed perpendicular to each other in conformity with mills cross principle (Figure 4).

mates 1.jpg 

Figure 1 MATES 80 Channel Receive Array

mates 2.jpg 

Figure 2 MATES 48 Channel Transmit Array

mates 3.jpg 

Figure 3 MATES Transmit/Receive and Processing Unit

mates 4.jpg 

Figure 4 MATES Sensor Placement