ZARGANA Submarine Torpedo Counter Measure System

ASELSAN ZARGANATM ensures submarine survivability against torpedo attacks by autonomous operation and quick reaction capabilities. The system is designed to work in integration with combat management system with real time data as well as operator provided or default data in case of degraded situations.

ASELSAN  ZARGANATM system basically collects platform and threat related data from submarine combat system and performs detection, classification and localization to provide torpedo counter measure tactics. This includes evasive maneuver advice for platform and launching acoustic jammers and/or decoys in a pattern.

 The functions of the system are as follows:

  • Host Platform Data Reception and Processing
  • Threat Data Reception and Processing
  • Sonar Data Reception and Processing
  • Data Processing (e.g. DCL, optimization, filtering)
  • Advise on Tactical evasive Maneuver
  • Display & Warning
  • Launcher Control

 General Features:

  • Computer Based Evaluation Simulator
  • Jammer Decoys
  • Emulator Decoys
  • Decision Support System

Computer Based Evaluation Simulator:

  • Torpedoes and Acoustic Decoys with hydrodynamic, acoustic and physical parameters,
  • Surface ships and submarines modelling,
  • Sonar modelling of the platforms,
  • Probability of successful evasive maneuver

Decision Support System:

  • DCL algorithms,
  • Launcher Control,
  • Integration to Combat Management System,