ZOKA Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasure Decoy

State of the art Countermeasure Decoy for Modern Torpedo Attacks

  • Designed for surface ships and submarines
  • Automatic programming
  • High fidelity on target emulation
  • Long operational period

Critical seconds for evasion.

ASELSAN ZOKATM , intelligently operated decoys, creates deception and confusion on torpedoes as well as noise barrier to provide critical time for defender to perform tactical evasive manoeuvring.

By the state of the art signal processing and jamming techniques along with the situational awareness algorithm, ASELSAN ZOKATM  can automatically re-program its manoeuvre after launched.



  • Tactical awareness
  • Monitoring torpedo behaviour
  • Selection of most available preset tactics
  • Programming before launch

Target Emulation

  • Emitting target signature
  • Imitating target motion
  • Transmitting active sonar signals after receipt and processing

Noise Barrier

  • Sufficient power to block torpedo reception
  • Narrow and/or wideband jamming
  • Programmable jamming schedule
  • Noise barrier positioning according to the jammer motion target designator