Ln-260 Fiber Optic Gyroscope Inertial Navigation System

LN-260 is a self-contained all attitude, worldwide, strap-down inertial system with an SA/ASM compliant EGR. LN-260 provides information to other vehicle systems to support navigation, time distribution, and weapon system functions. LN-260 provides outputs of linear and angular acceleration, linear and angular velocity, position, attitude (roll, pitch, and platform azimuth), magnetic and true heading, altitude, time tags, and Universal Time-Coordinated (UTC) synchronized time. LN-260 provides a free inertial INS-only navigation solution, a GPS-only navigation solution, and a blended GPS/INS navigation solution.
LN-260 has the following features:
  • Embedded GPS P(Y) Code (12-Channel Processing, 24-Channel and DGPS capable)
  • Selective Availability and Anti-Spoofing Protection (Uses a SA/ASM module in the EGR)
  • Precise Time and GPS Time Mark Outputs
  • RAIM and Predictive RAIM Outputs
  • KYK Load and Zeroize
  • Precise Time and Time Interface
  • Fast Direct Y Code Performance (Supports TTFF2 requirements to MGR levels)
  • WGS-84 Earth Model
  • I/O Growing Capability