Public Safety Communication Systems

The Public Safety and Emergency Support Communication System Solutions of ASELSAN have been developed to cover the requirements of different user groups for digital wireless radio communication in normal cases or in crisis or disasters.

The Communication System Solutions of ASELSAN will meet the communication traffic required by different wireless radio users at Public Safety and Emergency Support Organizations and will completely cover the geographical area included in the responsibility of such organizations (Metropolitans, provincial centers, urban rural areas) and they have an attribute to enable the works with the least amount of loss and to cover the communication requirements.

The system that has a modular structure enables secure communication for Public Safety and Emergency Support Organizations, Safety Forces, Municipalities, Public Institutions and organizations and Commercial Users.

In today's law system where individual rights are prioritized, the shortening of detention period, the maximum protection of human rights in enquiries and researches, submission of material evidences at courts other than witness statements and enabling uninterrupted communication in cases such as terror, crisis and disasters constitutes significant importance.

 For this reason, to create a fast, reliable, flexible, mobile and economical communication system to diminish action and reaction period by means of utilizing technology in the utmost level and to enable to reach information in a fast and timely manner is highly required.

In this scope, ASELSAN provides complete system solutions supported by software applications such as call centers, vehicle tracking, messaging and inquiry that include 4700 series Wireless Radio Family compatible with the international APCO25 standards.

Furthermore, in order to contribute to public order and safety in the provinces, to monitor traffic flow and density, to make license plate inquiries, to determine traffic violations and lawful evidences and as well as to take fast and effective measures against unlawful events that may arise, City Safety Management Systems (KGYS) applications have been initiated.

In this respect, the installations of IP based communication substructures enabling wireless sound, data and image transfer are realized by ASELSAN.

In Aselsan Professional Communication field, other than Public Safety and Emergency Communication Systems, Aselsan is active in the field of Trunk Wireless Radio Systems, Hand, Vehicle, Fixed Central Wireless Radios, Recurring Wireless Radios, Professional Wireless Systems including VHF/UHF/FM Digital Broadband Coverage System and Digital Crypto Wireless System and Call Centers and Provincial Safety Management System (KGYS) integrated in these systems.