Satellite Avionic and Naval Communications Systems

Satellite Communication Systems are indispensible communication tools in military units. The importance of satellite Technologies used in secure sound, image and data transfer each of which is a part of command control systems, has increased more especially during the cross border operations.

Thus, ASELSAN puts forward another one of the most effective communication tools as an alternative solution in order to cover the tactics requirements of commanderships at the battle fields and the headquarters and the command centers to which the military units are connected at the battle field.

ASELSAN, by means of using its information and experience it has with regard to satellite technologies for Project Management, System/Subsystem Design, Software Development, Production, Test and Integration, provides solutions for both Military and Civil Satellite Communication Systems and Satellite Systems.

Main Fields of Activity

  • Satellite Communication Centrals
  • Satellite Communication Terminals
  • Vessel Terminal
  • Vehicle Terminal
  • Manpack Terminal
  • Fixed Terminal
  • Milgem Terminal
  • Portable Terminal
  • Undersea Terminal
  • Small Tonnage Vessel Terminal
  • Satellite Payload
  • Communication Satellite Transmitters
  • EHF-Band (Transactional)
  • X-Band
  • UHF-Band
  • Electro-Optical Payload
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  • Reconnaissance and Observation Satellite Subsystems
  • Satellite Telemetry and Telecommand Subsystems
  • High Speed Data Transmitter
  • Satellite Base Control Station

ASELSAN, being the leader in the communication issue as well as in many other fields of the Turkish Defense Industry, aims to cover all needs all requirements of Turkish Armed Forces for satellite communication and to be the follower and leader of technological developments in this field.