ASELSAN and IBM to Cooperate in Research and Development


​ANKARA, TURKEY Nov 20, 2014: IBM Research (NYSE: IBM) and ASELSAN have signed collaborative development agreements concerning research and development of Metal-Air Battery Technologies and Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits.  Both companies shall work together on these projects, and through these efforts Aselsan will enhance its in-house research and development activities.

ASELSAN and IBM Will Develop New Generation Metal-Air Batteries for Automobiles

The Metal-Air Batteries to be developed will provide at least 5 times more storage capacity than current Li-Ion Batteries while preserving the same weight.  These Metal-Air batteries will deliver more storage capacity at a lower cost than existing batteries, which will significantly reduce the cost of energy.  Consequently, these new batteries will be a critical automotive component in resolving range issues for electric vehicles.  Today, a family car can scarcely travel 160 km (100 miles) using existing Li-Ion batteries, whereas the new Metal-Air technology batteries will increase this range up to at least 800 km (500 miles).

ASELSAN Will Develop RF Imaging Systems for Civilian Aviation

The cooperation between IBM and Aselsan is not limited to Metal-Air Batteries. Circuitries to be developed by integrating IBM and Aselsan generated technologies will create a brand new technology basis for the development of new RF imaging capabilities.  Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits to be developed will be used for collision avoidance in vehicles, border security, airport security applications, meteorology and various civilian RF imaging applications such as autonomous landing systems.

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