New Infrared Detector Production Facility For Thermal Cameras


ASELSAN has announced openning of a new facility for the production of infrared detectors for thermal cameras. Minister of National Defence , Mr. İsmet YILMAZ, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology,Mr.  Fikri ISIK, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation CEO, Mr. Fikri GONULTAS, representatives of Turkish Armed Forces and related universities have attended to the opening ceremony.

All the entities that have minus 273 degrees of temperature, spread thermal energy in a spesific wavelength. Thermal cameras can detect and display these entities that can not be seen by the human eye at night and bad air conditions.  ASELSAN, that designs and produces thermal cameras since the last 20 years, successfully produced the infrared detectors that can be named as the “eye” for the thermal cameras in its new facility. 
Defence Minister Mr. İsmet YILMAZ underlined the importance of the level Turkey has reached in high technology with the serial production of the infrared detectors. He stated that the “…goal is the upgrade of the technological capabilities of Turkey. More funds shall be allocated to R&D. We all should keep on walking in this path.”
Defence Minister YILMAZ also emphasized  that  Turkey’s allocated R&D expenditure funds around 1.2 Billion USD shall be increased in order to boost Turkish defence industry. He underlined that a significant number of Turkish companies have become competitors in international arena. He specified that “Turkey has become the 6th country that can produce thermal cameras in the world. In order to attain our export goal of 36 Billion USD, we need to produce more goods with higher added value.”

These infrared detectors are the very first products of the “Clean Room” setup within the production facilities that opened up. All environmental conditions such as  heat, dust and moisture that affect production are taken under control in the Clean Room and the thermal cameras that use the produced infrared detectors have been very successful in the acceptance tests of users worldwide