Acquisition of Financial Investment



Date of Resolution of Board of Directors Regarding the Acquisition: 27/11/2014
Title of Financial Investment Acquired: MIKES Microwave Electronic Systems, INC.
Field of Activity of Financial Investment: Radar, electronic warfare and intelligence sub-systems
Capital of Financial Investment Acquired: TL 39.000.000,-
Method of Acquisition: Transfer of Shares
Completion Date of Process: 27/11/2014
Terms of Acquisition: In Cash
Nominal Amount of Shares Acquired: TL 1.170.000,-
Per Share Value: TL 0,57707
Total Amount: TL 675.174,58
Ratio of "Shares Acquired" to "Capital of Financial Investment" (%): 3%
Participation Rate in Financial Investment after Acquisition (%): 100%
Ratio of "Voting Right After Acquisition" to "Total Voting Right of Financial Investment" (%): 100%
Ratio of "Financial Investment Acquired" to "Total Assets of Company in Recent Financial Table Disclosed".: 0,02773%
Impact on Activity of Company:Since the current fields of activity of MİKES, which are mostly in radar, electronic warfare and intelligence are similar and complementary; merger by the way of acquisition is expected to significantly increase synergy and efficiency
There was an Obligation for a Takeover Bid, or Not? : No
Whether Exemption Application will be Made if There is an Obligation for a Takeover Bid, or Not? : No
Name/Title of Seller: Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (UDI)
Relationship of Seller With Company: Main client
Valuation Method of Financial Investment: Determined by taking shareholders equity of MIKES into account
A Valuation Report Is Prepared, or Not?: Valuation Report has not been prepared
The Reason If Valuation Report Was Not Prepared: Because of the size of the deal
Amount Determined With The Valuation Report: -
The Reason If The Process Is Not Compatible With The Results In Valuation Report: -​