Board of Directors Resolution Regarding the Issuing of Debt Instruments

​Regarding the authorization given by Capital Markets Law and the 7th article of our Company’s Articles of Association about issuing debt instruments, our Board of Directors resolved on 19.06.2014 that;
a) Debt instruments shall be issued up to the amount TL 250.000.000 (Two Hundred Fifty Million), with a maturity of 6 (six) months to 3 (three) years, in terms of TL currency, domestically, in one or several portions, by private placement and/or to savvy investors without public offering, and within this context; application shall be made to Capital Markets Board, regarding the issuings which will be made within the valid term (which is one year) determined by the issue document that will be approved by Capital Markets Board, 
b) According to market conditions; the debt instruments to be issued shall be discounted and/or with coupon payment, debt instruments with coupon payments shall be issued as fixed or variable yield, one or more treasury bills and/or government bonds with matching maturities shall be benchmarked and a spread to be determined between 100 (one hundred) and 350 (three hundred fifty) base points shall be added,
c) The authorization regarding the issuing of the debt instruments, determination of any condition including the amount, maturity, yield, the type of issue, principles of distribution and allocation and the finalization of sales and the fulfillment of any other transaction including to be listed in Borsa İstanbul shall be granted to the General Management,
And regarding the issuings within the context of these resolutions; the authorization to apply to any government agencies including but not limited to Capital Markets Board, Borsa İstanbul A.Ş., Central Registry Agency, İstanbul Settlement and Custody Bank A.Ş. and any other authorities and to carry out any tasks and transactions shall be granted to the General Management.
Our company has filed the issuing application within the context of this resolution to Capital Markets Board on 23.06.2014.