Board of Directors Resolution Regarding the Capital Increase by Issuing Bonus Shares


In the Board of Directors meeting dated 24.03.2016, according to the authorization given by the Articles of Association of our Company, in accordance with the regulations of Capital Markets
Board, it has been unanimously resolved to;
- Increase the paid-in capital of our company of TL 500.000.000, within the authorized capital ceiling of TL,-, to TL,- by increasing TL 500.000.000,- (%100), in
total of which TL 1.699.812,12 from Share Capital Adjustments, TL 39.188.118,37 from Special Funds and TL 459.112.069,51 from Extraordinary Reserves,
- Distribute shares arisen due to this share capital increase as bonus shares to current shareholders according to their shareholding ratios,
- Amend the article 6 of the Articles of Association of our Company, named “Registered Capital of the Company”, as given under the “New Version” title in the attachment, with regards to the capital increase from internal resources,
- Apply to Capital Markets Board for the approval of the issue document,
- Authorize General Management to carry out related operations.​