Change in Organization and Top Management Assignments


Material Event(s) to be Disclosed 

ASELSAN’s organization is being restructured both at home and abroad with respect to its vision of becoming a global company. 
Main objectives of the restructuring are; strengthening the critical technologic capabilities the company holds, reaching to new technologic capabilities that are targeted, improving the ability of research and development on a global level, enhancing the human resources and education, scaling up the company by accessing new domestic and foreign markets.
Within this context below resolutions are taken in the Board of Directors meetings dated 26.06.2014 and 24.07.2014: 

1.  Five new Vice Presidencies are set up in order the General Management to more efficiently carry out its planning, monitoring and assessment functions on the strategic level and following assignments have been made to be effective by 01.09.2014:
- Levent AKKOYUNLU as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer,
- Hezarfen ORUÇ as Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Shared Services,
- İsmet ATALAR as Vice President of R&D and Technology Management,
- Özcan KAHRAMANGİL as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development,
- Hüseyin YAVUZ as Vice President of Human Resources Management.

2. All business activities have been organized under five Business Sectors and following assignments have been made to be effective by 01.09.2014:
- Yavuz BAYIZ as Vice President of  Communication & Information Technologies Business Sector,
- Baki ŞENSOY as Vice President of Microelectronics, Guidance & Electro-Optics Business Sector,
- Oğuz ŞENER as Vice President of Radar & Electronic Warfare Systems Business Sector,
- Mustafa KAVAL as Vice President of  Defense Systems Technologies Business Sector,
- Yavuz Suat BENGÜR as Vice President of Transportation, Security, Energy & Automation Systems Business Sector.

3. Abdülkadir GÖKTAŞ is assigned as President of Internal Audit which was set up under Board of Directors, to be effective by 01.09.2014.

4. Following assignments to the new Advisory Boards established under General Management have been made to be effective by 01.09.2014;
- Fuat AKÇAYÖZ as President of Strategy Advisory Board,
- Ergun BORA as President of Science and Technology Advisory Board.