​In our Company's Board of Directors meeting dated 28.04.2016, as a result of the audit of the capital increase procedures initiated in order to increase the paid-in capital of our company of TL 500.000.000,- to TL,- by increasing TL 500.000.000,- (%100) as bonus shares, it has been resolved that; TL 1.699.812,12 from Share Capital Adjustments account, TL 39.188.118,37 from Special Funds account and TL 459.112.069,51 from Extraordinary Reserves account has been transferred to capital account on 07.04.2016 and this transaction was confirmed with the Certified Public Accountant Report dated 07.04.2016.
The assessment of the Capital Markets Board for our Company's capital increase through bonus issue process is still ongoing and an additional public disclosure shall be made upon the conclusion of our application.