Election of the Members of Board of Directors Committees

​In the Board of Directors Meeting of our Company dated 31.03.2016;
  • As Auditing Committee members; Mr. Ziya AKBAŞ (Chairman), Mr. Nazım Altıntaş (Member) and Mr. Ercümend ARVAS have been elected,
  • As Corporate Governance Committee members; Mr. Ercümend ARVAS (Chairman), Mr. Murat ÜÇÜNCÜ (Member), Mr. Turan EROL (Member) and in accordance with the Corporate Governance Communiqué of Capital Markets Board numbered II-17.1 Investor Relations and Subsidiaries Department Manager Ms. Pınar ÇELEBİ (Member) have been elected,
  • As Early Determination and Management of Risk Committee members; Mr. Ziya AKBAŞ (Chairman), Mr. Sedat NAZLIBİLEK (Member) and Mr. İsmail GÜMÜŞTEKİN (Member) have been elected.