Sale of Financial Investment



Date of Resolution of Board of Directors Regarding the Sale:28/08/2014
Title of Financial Investment Sold:Airport Management & Aeronautical Industries Inc. (HEAŞ A.Ş.)
Field of Activitiy of Financial Investment Sold:Taking Sabiha Gökçen Airport into operation and managing it compatible with international standards.
Capital of Financial Investment Sold:111.008.037 TL
Completion Date of Process :Planned to be completed in December 2014
Terms of Sale:In Cash
Nominal Amount of Shares Sold:56.592,33 TL
Per Share Value:2,243007 TL
Total Amount:126.937,- TL
Ratio of "Shares Sold" to "Capital of Financial Investment" (%):%0,051
Participation Rate in Financial Investment after Sale (%):%0
Ratio of "Voting Right After Sale" to "Total Voting Right of Financial Investment" (%):-
Ratio of "Financial Investment Sold" to "Total Assets of Company in Recent Financial Table Disclosed".:%0,001
Impact on Activity of Company:None
Profit-Loss Amount Arised After Sale:70.344,67 TL Profit
The Way Company Will Make Use of Profit, If Any:Not determined yet
Date of Resolution of Board of Directors Regarding The Way Company Will Make Use of Profit, If Any :-
Name/Title of Acquirer:Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF)
Relationship of Buyer With Company:Main Shareholder
Valuation Method of Financial Investment:It is determined by TAFF by taking shareholders equity of HEAŞ into account.
A Valuation Report Is Prepared, or Not?:Valuation Report has not been prepared.
The Reason If Valuation Report Was Not Prepared:Because of the size of the deal
Amount Determined With The Valuation Report:-
The Reason If The Process Is Not Compatible With The Results In Valuation Report:-​