At which Stock Exchange are the stocks of ASELSAN traded?

ASELSAN stocks are traded at Borsa Istanbul (BIST).

What is the BIST code of ASELSAN stocks?

​​ASELSAN stocks are traded at Borsa Istanbul with the code of ASELS.​

What are the markets in which ASELSAN stocks are traded in BIST and what are indexes in which the company included?

​​ASELSAN stocks are traded in National Market. Indexes that the company included are BIST 100,  BIST 50, BIST Corporate Governance, BIST National, BIST Technology, BIST All, BIST Dividend, BIST Ankara and BIST Sustainability. ​

How long have ASELSAN stocks been traded in BIST?

ASELSAN stocks have been traded in BIST since 1 August 1990.

In compliance with which standards are financial tables of ASELSAN prepared?

​​Consolidated financial tables of​ ASELSAN are prepared in TRY currency in compliance with the requirements of CMB according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Moreover, there are financial statements prepared in accordance with the Tax Procedural Law as basis for tax calculations.

How often does ASELSAN announce financial statements?

ASELSAN announces its financial reports every three months​.

What is the financial period of ASELSAN?

The financial period of ASELSAN covers January – December period.

Which company is the Independent Auditor of ASELSAN?

Yeditepe Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş. makes the audits of consolidated financial statements of ASELSAN.​