TEMREN Infrared (IR) Laser Pointer

Temren IR Laser Pointer is an environmentally sealed, high power and compact pointer designed to be part of airborne survelliance and targeting systems. 

A wedge pair is provided for easy boresighting with the system.

Temren laser output is designed to follow an external control signal and can be operated either continuous or pulsed.  During operation, laser output is continuously monitored.

Technical Specifications

Optical Characteristics

  • Wavelength: 808 nominal
  • Output Power: 750mW, typical
  • Safety Class: Class 4, ANSI-Z136.2000

    Physical Properties
  • Weight: < 0.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 40 (W) x 92 (H) x 113 (L) mm
  • Operational Temperature Range: -32°C / +52°C (up to +65°C with reduced duty cycle)
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40°C / +70°C

    Elektrical Interface
  • Power Source: 5 or 12Vdc
  • Power Requirement: < 15 W
  • Control Interface: Discrete TTL


    Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.