​​ASELSAN Thermal Driver's Periscope is a compact, high performance vision system, designed for Main Battle Tanks and other armoured vehicles. ASELSAN Thermal Driver Periscope consists of 2 main units:

  • Thermal Camera Unit (TCU)
  • Control and Display Unit (CDU)

Thermal Camera Unit is an uncooled thermal camera which provides the driver 24-hour maneuvering capability under severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions such as fog, haze, dust, smoke, fire or camouflage. Wide field of view of TCU helps the driver for a safe and convenient driving.

Thanks to its mounting adaptor, TCU is capable of being rotated ±30⁰ horizontally, which gives the driver field of regard of 100⁰ horizontally. TCU can also be rotated ±5⁰ vertically.

Control and Display Unit , which has 10.4'' monitor and the ergonomic integrated control buttons, provides the driver a safe and convenient driving. Control and Display Unit includes all necessary camera controls.


  • Situational Awareness
  • Day and Night Usage
  • Advanced Vision Capability

General Specifica​tions

  • Thermal Camera Unit
  • Control and Display Unit
  • 10.4"  Display
  • Fixed Focus (No Need to Adjust Focus)
  • Polarity Change
  • Gain and Level Adjustment
  • Display Brightness Adjustment

Technical Spe​​​cifications:

Thermal​​​ Camera

    • Operating Band               : 8-12 μm
    • Detector                            :
      • Uncooled
      • 640 x 480
    • Field of View    (HxV)    : 40°x30° ± %10
    • Video Output                   : CCIR


  • Display Size                               : 10.4" LCD
  • Display Format                        : min. 800x600

Communication ​​Interface

  • Control and Display Unit

Environmental ​​Interface

  • Operating Temperature : -40°C / +55°C
  • Storage Temperature          : -45°C / +55°C

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.