ATS-60 is a compact, high performance vision system, primarily designed for remote controlled weapon systems mounted on Armoured Vehicles and Main Battle Tanks.

ATS-60 composed of Thermal Camera, CCD Camera and Laser Range Finder and it provides effective firing capability under severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions. ATS-60 includes cooled thermal imager in order to satisfy the higher range observation requirements.

ATS-60 can be integrated on several weapon systems thanks to its compact structure and flexible mechanical mounting interfaces. ATS-60 has several international communication interfaces via the other peripheral systems can be integrated. ​


  • Fire Control
  • Armored vehicles
  • Remote Weapon Stations
  • Main Battle Tanks
  • Target Acquisition

General Spec​​ifications

  • Multi-Sensor Capability
  • High Resolution Cooled Thermal Camera
  • Continuous Zoom Lens (CCD and Thermal)
  • Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder
  • Compact, Rugged, Military Hardened
  • Freezing Capability (Thermal)
  • Polarity Change (Thermal)
  • Automatic Contrast and Brightness Adjustment (Day-TV/Thermal)
  • Manuel Contrast and Brightness Adjustment (Thermal)
  • Focus Adjustment
  • Reticle Brightness Adjustment
  • Target Range Measurement Capability
  • Laser Reflection Selection
  • RS-422 Communication Interface
  • Compliant to EMI/EMC according to MIL-STD-461E Table-V
  • External Software Update         ​

Technical Specif​​ications

Thermal Ca​​​mera

  • 3 Preset Field of Views

                 Narrow FOV : 2ºX1.6º (±%10)

                 Medium FOV: 6ºX4.8º (±%10)

                 Wide FOV     : 16.8ºX13.5º (±%10)          

  • Continuous Zoom: from WFOV to NFOV
  • Digital Zoom      : x2
  • Detector Type   : Cooled, 3-5 μm,
  • Detector Format: 640X512
  • Cool Down Time : Less than 7 minutes 

Laser Range ​Finder

  • Type             : Class 1, eye-safe laser
  • Wavelength:  1.54 μm
  • Range          : From 100m to 20000m (changes according  to target and environmental conditions)
  • Accuracy: ± 5m​

Day TV cam​​era

  • 3 Preset Field of Views:

                Wide FOV    : 16.8ºX12.6º (±%10)

                Middle FOV: 6ºX4.5º (±%10)

                Narrow FOV: 2ºX1.5º (±%10)

  • Continuous Zoom: from NFOV to WFOV
  • Digital Zoom      : Continuous to 12X
  • Sensor type       : ¼" Color CCD


  • Dimensions  : 260mm x 225mm x 131mm
  • Weight                 :< 6.5 kg

Optional Acces​​sories

  • Control and Display Unit


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.​