SAGER Thermal Sight for KORNET-E Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)

​​SAGER is a complete system solution that equips the anti armor/ anti tank missile launchers with a modern compact, low weight, cost effective thermal imaging sight.

SAGER has a state of the art high performance thermal imaging camera designed for detection, recognition and identification of threats at long ranges during day-night and adverse weather conditions.

SAGER is successfully being used with Kornet-E ATGM. SAGER thermal view is observed within the same sight channel of direct view optics of Kornet-E via the Optical Collimator supplied within SAGER.


  • Anti-tank Missile Systems
  • Missile Firing Posts

Main Features

  • Optimized for Kornet-E ATGM
  • No modification on KORNET-E ATGM
  • Field Proven
  • Long Range Cooled Thermal Camera
  • Portable and Self Powered
  • Easy Integration
  • Operation mode selection
    •   (Direct View or Thermal View)
  • Anti-blooming feature
  • Image enhancement algorithm
  • Power On / Standby / Off modes
  • Image freeze mode
  • Polarity change
  • Electronically boresight
  • Controls on the sight

Technical Specifications

Detector Cooled, 3-5 μm
Detector Format640x512
Electronic Zoomx2
Field of View

Narrow FOV  : 2ºX1.6º (±%10)

Medium FOV : 2.9ºX2.3º (±%10)

Wide FOV      : 16.8ºX13.5º (±%10)

Continuous Zoom LensFrom Narrow to Wide FOV
Cooldown-Time< 7 min
Communication Interface


Buttons on Sight

Video Output                                CCIR
Weight< 7 kg (Including Battery)
Battery Life> 4 hours
Power Interface

Internal Battery (7V)


13V-33V external power (optional)

Standard Accessories

  • Internal Li-Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger

Optional Accessories

  • AC/DC Adaptor
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • External Battery /Charger
  • Video/Power Cable

      Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.