ASELSAN Thermal Sight for MILAN Anti Tank System (ATS-M)

ATS-M Thermal Sight is a modern, compact sighting system for MILAN Anti Tank System.

ATS-M Thermal Sight has large format QWIP based IR detector offering high performance day and night vision capability

Thermal view is observed within the same sight channel of direct view optics of MILAN via the Optical Collimator supplied within ATS-M and no modification is needed to the MILAN firing post.


  • Milan Anti-tank Missile System
  • Missile Firing Posts

Main Features

  • Optimized for Milan Anti-Tank Guided Missile
  • Field proven
  • No modification on MILAN
  • Easy Integration
  • Image shown on the direct view optics of MILAN
  • Image enhancement algorithms
  • Day Sight Filter for Thermal Only Operation
  • Power On/ Standby/Off modes
  • Easy boresight
  • Controls on the sight
  • Easy to use mechanical mounting interface


Technical Specifications

Detector Cooled, 8-12 μm
Detector Format640x512
Electronic Zoomx2
Field of View6ºX4.8º (±%10)
Cooldown-Time< 8 min
Communication Interface


Buttons on Sight

Video Output                                CCIR
Weight< 8.5 kg (without Accessories)
Battery Life> 7.5 hours
Power InterfaceBattery (24V) or 24VDC Supply

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.