​​Seaeye-CUPRA is a lightweight and integrated 360⁰ surveillance system that operates at day and night and all weather conditions. System incorporates basically:

  • Thermal Imaging Sensor
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Color Day Camera

Seaeye-CUPRA uses the advanced technologies and offers different sensors into one compact and ergonomic design. It comprises a high resolution thermal imaging sensor, color day camera and eye-safe laser range finder. The system is a state-of-the art product fulfilling the requirements for target acquisition in extensive ranges. User has the advantage of using a high performance thermal imaging sensor for day and night observation capability with continuous zoom, accurate stabilization and auto focusing IR imaging.


  • Ships and Boats
  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Long Range Detection/Recognition/Identification
  • Sitiational Awareness

Main Fea​​tures

  • Thermal Camera
  • Daylight Camera
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Digital Magntic Compass
  • GPS based Locater
  • Two Axis Stabilized Pan & Tilt Unit
  • Operation at Day/Night/All weather Conditions
  • Continous Zoom
  • Automatic Focus
  • Modular, Durable and Compact
  • Lightweight & Integrated
  • Remote Command and Control
  • Operation specific continuous and predefined field of view
  • Electronic X2 Magnification
  • Automated Image Optimization
  • Image Freezing
  • Integrated Multi Sensor Suite
  • 3 - 5 um IR Thermal Detector
  • Visible Light Day TV Camera
  • Contrast/Brightness/Polarity Adjustment
  • Automatic & Manual Image Processing Algorithms and Focus
  • High Accuracy Target Acquisition
  • Built In Test
  • Naval Grade Environmental & Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Suitable for 365/7/24 usage
  • Optional 1.5xMagnification Objective

Technical Speci​fications

Thermal Camera
    Optical Zoom2˚ - 15˚ Continuous
    Digital Zoom2x @ all FOVs
    FOV           (Wide)15.0˚  x  12.0˚
                       (Middle)6.0˚  x  4.8˚
                       (Narrow)2.0˚  x  1.6˚
    IR Sensor640 x 512 (Cooled)
    IR Band 3-5 μm
Daylight Camera
    Optical Zoom2˚ - 10˚ Continuous
    Digital ZoomCont. Zoom + 12x
    FOV           (Wide)10.0˚  x  8.0˚
                       (Middle)6.0˚  x  4.5˚
                       (Narrow)2.0˚  x  1.5˚
Laser Range Finder
    TypeClass 1, Eye safe
    Range100m-20,000m ± 5m 
    Pulse per Minute20 ppm
Digital Magnetic CompassHigh Accuracy
Video OutputPAL
Remote Command/ControlRS 422 / RS 232
Feed Voltage24 VDC

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.