ARW-3401 is a HW/SW configurable wideband signal reception platform that provides various COMINT functionalities/features. Modular architecture of ARW-3401 allows it to be configured as ​
  • Single channel fast tuner, 
  • Multi channel coherent/independent fast tuner, 
  • Surveillance/Monitoring receiver with multichannel DDRs. 

ARW-3401 with its various configurations is enough to provide full backbone of a COMINT/DF system.  As a key equipment in a-SMARD (ASELSAN Surveillance, Monitoring and Radio Direction Finding Family), ARW-3401 is suitable for fixed, land mobile, naval, airborne platforms.

Fast tuning speed, compact size, exceptional environmental, RFI/EMI specifications of ARW-3401 best suit military/professional applications in challenging RF spectrum crowded by state-of-the-art communication emitters. 

General features           

  • Wide Frequency coverag​e,
  • HF extension, 
  • 3-6 GHz extension,
  • Conduction cooled equipment architecture, 
  • Compatible with a-SMARD family of  products; DF Systems Mon. receivers, recorders, etc., 
  • Online remote controlled operation via 1Gb Ethernet interface, 
  • Band scan, channel scan, frequency/band lock-out features, 
  • Up to 4 channel coherent configurations, 
  • Up to 2 independent channel configurations,
  • Up to 8 channel Digital Drop Receivers (DDR) tunable within the IFBW, 

Frequency coverage
20-3000 MHz
Opt. HF extension, Opt. 3-6 GHz extension.
​Tuning Resolution ​​100 Hz (20-3000 MHz) 
Scan Rate
40 GHz/sec 
(40 MHz IF, 25 KHz freq.res)
​Instantaneous IFBW 40/10/1 MHz
FFT Resolution ​100/50/25/12,5/6,25 kHz 
4/2/1/0.5/0.25 kHz 
(available dep on IFBW)
​Frequency stability ± 0,5 ppm or better 
Power input/cons.
20-32VDC /<150W
(depends on configuration)
​Size 19 inc, 4U, 36 cm depth
​Total weight <19 kg (1 channel receiver without options) 
​Shock, Vibration MIL-STD-810G
​Operating Temp. Range 0/+50°C
​Storage Temp. Range -40/+60°C