ASELSAN Radar Electronic Support Measure System for Submarine Platforms ARES-2SC/NS

​​​​​​​​ARES-2SC Submarine Radar ESM System designed to improve the electronic support capability of submarine platforms by using modern and ASELSAN technologies. First, the System has been integrated to AY Class (type 209) Submarine platforms and is baseline for ARES-2NS New Type Submarine platforms (Type 214) Radar ESM Systems.

ARES-2SC Submarine Radar ESM System improved by the field experience of ASELSAN’s naval Radar ESM Systems and (ARES-2) family of ASELSAN Radar ESM System for submarines.

ARES-2SC fulfills main functions such as detecting, tracking, analysing, diagnosing, displaying in proper format and automatic or intentional recording/replaying the emissions from radars operating at a frequency range of mainly 2-18 GHz, including LPI radars. The System indicates the frequencies and parameters as well as bearings of the radar emissions within the 360° azimuth coverage, accurately and in near-real time, on a continuous basis.

With the pressure tight compact antenna structures, high-tech wideband digital microwave receiver and sophisticated design whereby ARES-2SC performs the ES mission reliable and succesfully in a short reaction time.

Important Features
  • Modular System Design
  • Wide-Band Microwave and Digital Receiver Architecture
  • High Probability of Intercept (POI)
  • Low Probability of False Alarm
  • Direction Finding (Amplitude and/or Phase Comparison)
  • Detection of emitters with LPI characteristics
  • Capability of Frequency, PRF, PW, Antenna Scan Type/Period, Modulation Type Measurements
  • Capability for Soft Filtering over Frequency and Azimuth Sectors
  • Interface with Combat Management System
  • Blanking Interface with the emitters on-board
  • S-57/S-63 or Customer Identified Map Format
  • Digital Recording of Intercept File
  • Compact DF Antennas 
  • MIL-STD -810F and MIL-STD-461E Compatible