Land-Based Transportable Radar ESM/ELINT System


Land-Based Transportable Radar ESM/ELINT System is developed to search, intercept, analyse, classify and find direction of conventional and complex type of radar signals. 

General Features

  • Designed to detect, intercept, analyse and record radar signals in a highly dense environment
  • Wide operating frequency range
  • High probability-of-intercept
  • Various types of receivers to provide “wide instantaneous bandwidth”, “high parameter accuracy” and “high sensitivity” requirements
  • Creation and maintenance of Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) picture
  • Inter-and intra-pulse recording
  • Emitter finger printing using a narrow band channel
  • Operating with other Radar ESM/ELINT systems to generate threat location data
  • Integral threat library for emitter identification
  • Single operator, single vehicle
  • High reliability and high availability
  • Ruggedized for use in harsh environments
  • Modular architecture to allow easy customization
  • System-in-test and Built-in-test capability
  • Local or remote control
  • Secure voice and data communications with other EW systems
  • Different antenna assemblies mounted on a 10 m deployable mast