Field Telephone

The ASELSAN 6200 field phone is a tactical analogue telephone for voice communication. It is compatible with all military and commercial telephone networks.

The 6200 field phone is made lighter and smaller. It is suitable for fixed or mobile use. The handset of the phone is specially designed for users wearing a helmet.

The 6200 field phone can operate with 3 pcs BA30 type battery or 6V DC external power supply. It's high efficiency and low current consumption enables long battery life.

Adjustable audible and visual call indicators allows you to a wide range of tactical use.

General Features​
​ Easy to use
​ Lightweight and compact
​ Waterproof
​ Adjustable audible and visual call indicators
​ LB, CB, CBS positions
​ Lightning/over voltage protection
​ Ease of maintenance and repair
​ Protection against misuse
​ Military standards compliance
​ Reinforced polycarbonate body
​ Usability with gloves


Technical Specifications
Modes of​ OperationLB (Local Battery), CB (Central Battery), CBS (Central/Common Battery Signaling)​
Transmission Frequency Range300 - 3400 Hz​
Line Impedance600 Ohm (at 1 kHz)​
Transmission Range​35 km using a standard field cable WD1-TT
Signaling17-25 Hz Electronic generator, at the 1,5 kOhm load 1,75 W rms.​
Power Requirement3 pcs BA30 type dry battery or 6V DC external power supply
Power Consumption12 mA (speech) / 0,8 A​ (signaling)
Operating Temperature​-40oC / +55oC
​Water Tightness, Mechanical Stress and ShockMIL – STD 810
HumidityDEF 07 – 55
Weight ​1,5 kg. (Without carrying bag and batteries)
Dimensions​24 x 11 x 13 cm​