4300 V/UHF Have Quick I-II Frequency Hopping Radio Family

​VHF/UHF Airborne Radios with Have Quick I-II, Saturn (optional) frequency hopping ECCM capabilities; are designed to provide effective and reliable air-to-ground and air-to-air communication without being affected by threats like jamming and deception.

VHF/UHF Ground Radios with Have Quick I-II, frequency hopping ECCM capabilities are designed to provide effective and reliable ground-to-air communications without being affected by jamming and deception threats.

The airborne family is composed of Panel Mount Radio, Remote Mount Radio and Remote Control Unit.

The ground radio family is composed of Manpack, Vehicular and Ground Station Radio configurations.


Airborne Radios

MXF-483 Panel / MXF-484 Remote Mount Radio
​Frequency Band ​30-87.975 MHz
108-173.975 MHz
225-399.975 MHz
​Channel Spacing​25 KHz (entire frequency band)
8.33 kHz (118-136.9917 MHz ATC band)
​Modulation Type​AM/FM (dependent on the frequency band)
​Output Power (nominal)​AM : 10 Watt
FM : 15 Watt
​Guard Receiver​121.5 MHz or 243 MHz
(dependent on the frequency band)
​ECCM Mode​Standard : HAVE QUICK I & II, (STANAG 4246)
Optional : SATURN (STANAG 4372)
​Communication Substructure​LINK 11 Compatible
​Data Bus Control​Standard : MIL-STD-1553 (Only MXF-484) RS-422
Optional : ARINC-429 (Only MXF-484)
​COMSEC​Compatible with external KY-58 equipment
​Operating Voltage​28 VDC nominal
​Dimensions (HxWxD)​MXF-483: 126X148X228 mm max.
MXF-484: 125X128X234 mm max.
​Weight​<5 kg
​Operating Temperature​-540C / +710C
MXF-243A Remote Control Unit
​Dimensions (HxWxD)​78x148x186 mm max.
​Weight​<1,5 kg
​Operating Temperature​-540C / +550C
​Display Panel​12 Character, 5X7 Dot Matrix
​Display Panel Lighting​NVG Compatible Green or Yellow
5VDC or 28VDC
​Operating Voltage​28V DC nominal


Ground Radios

MXF-793 Manpack Radio
​Frequency Band ​30-87.975 MHz
100-173.975 MHz
225-399.975 MHz
​Channel Spacing​25 KHz
​Modulation Type​AM/FM
​Output Power (nominal)​AM : 10 Watt
FM : 15 Watt
​Guard Receiver​121.5 MHz or 243 MHZ
(dependent on the frequency band)
​ECCM Mode​HAVE QUICK I-II, (Stanag 4246)
​Remote Control​MXF-239 Remote Control Unit (optional)
​Operating Voltage​24 VDC nominal (battery)
​Operating Temperature​-250C / +550 C
MXF-794 Vehicular Radio / MXF-795 Ground Station Radio

All specifications are same as MXF-793, except:

​Frequency Band​When RF Power Amplifier MXF-752 is active: 100-150 MHz, 225-399.975 MHz
When MXF-752 is bypassed: 30-87.975 MHz,100-173.975 MHz, 225-399.975 MHz

Output Power (nominal)
​When MXF-752 is active: AM : 30 Watt, FM : 50 Watt
When MXF-752 is bypassed: AM : 10 Watt, FM : 15 Watt
​Operating Voltage​MXF-794 Vehicular Radio: 24 VDC nominal (car battery)
MXF-795 Ground Station Radio: 110/220 VAC or 24 VDC nominal