Desktop Radio Peripherals and Accessories

​It is possible to use the radio on the desks in the communication centers (police station, hospital, etc.) of the institutions responsible for public security. The selection of the accessories to be used with the transceiver unit is important for users to use these radios comfortably. This accessories can be listed as;

  • Audio accessories
  • Antennas
  • Power supply / battery
  • Tablet control unit and docking slot (only for 4900 Atlas radios)

Side Unit and Accessory type and / or stock number are subject to change without prior notice

 Audio Accessories


The microphones of these radios must be designed appropriately for use on the table. All the solutions of ASELSAN in this regard are produced considering this requirement. The 4700 desktop radios have one type of desktop microphones. The PTT key is available on the microphone. These radios have an integrated loudspeaker. The 4900 Atlas desktop radios are used with a unit called "Table Type Control Unit" for use on the desktop and designed by ASELSAN. The Desk Type Control Unit has a display, keypad, PTT key and speaker.


 There are many options for antennas according to the frequency band and gain. Desktop radios are used at much higher output power than handheld and vehicle radios. For this reason, the antennas are mounted in the vicinity of the office / room where the radio is used (roof, terrace, etc.). Antenna installation on the building requires various apparatus and antenna cables between the antenna and the radio. There are many alternatives available in our inventory so that selections can be made based on building specifications and installation requirements.


​ ​ ​ ​ Desktop Radio Antenna Gains and Frequencies ​ ​ ​ ​
​VHF 0dB​​144-162 MHz​VHF 5,25dB​160-169 MHz​UHF 0dB​406-449 MHz​UHF 5dB​406-430 MHz
​​VHF 0dB​154-174 MHz​VHF 5,25dB​165-174 MHz​UHF 0dB​​449-471 MHz​UHF 5dB​380-400 MHz​
​​VHF 0dB​146-162,5 MHz​​VHF 6dB​138-144 MHz​​UHF 0dBd​380-430 MHz​​UHF 7,5dB​406-512 MHz​
​VHF 0dBd​154-174 MHz​​VHF 6dB​144-151 MHz​UHF 3dB​406 - 449 MHz​UHF 8dB​450-460 MHz
​VHF 3dB​144-174 MHz​​VHF 6dB​150-157 MHz​UHF 3dB​​449 - 467 MHz​UHF 6dBd ​450-482 MHz​
​VHF 5,25dB​136-141 MHz​​VHF 6dB​​​​156-164 MHz​UHF 5dB​​406-426 MHz​​UHF 6dBd ​480-512 MHz​
​VHF 5,25dB​​142-150 MHz​​VHF 6dB​158-166 MHz​UHF 5dB​​410 - 430 MHz​UHF 6dBd ​406-436 MHz​
​VHF 5,25dB​150,5-158,5 MHz​​VHF 6dB​161-168 MHz​UHF 5dB​​430 - 450 MHz​UHF 10dB​425-470 MHz​
​VHF 5,25dB​155-163 MHz​​VHF 6dB​167-174 MHz​UHF 5dB​​450 - 470 MHz​​UHF 8dBd ​380-400 MHz​
​VHF 5,25dB​157-165 MHz​​VHF 6dB​138-174 MHz​UHF 5dB​​380-410 MHz

 Battery/ Power Supply

Professional Radio Family Desktop Radios work with a DC supply. For this reason 220 / 110Vac is supplied using different types of power supplies. It is also possible to feed these radios from the battery. Our inventory has battery options in different types and capacities.


​Battery Types
60Ah / 480A
72Ah / 570A
80 Ah / 640A
100Ah / 850A


 Tablet Control Unit nad Docking Unit ( For 4900 Atlas Radios)


 Tablet Control Units, USB keyboards, USB mouse, printers, cameras, etc. can also be connected to the docking station in conjunction with the 4900 Atlas desktop radios if needed by the Tablet Users. The Tablet Control Unit provides applications such as the map application, messaging application, office applications, etc., which present to the users a wide range of scenarios. By means of the side units, it is possible to transfer the photo to other units through the radio system, to take out a report coming from the radio system.