Mobile Radio Peripherals and Accessories

​For the mobile radios, the following accessories can be used:

  • Microphone,
  • Speaker,
  • Antenna,
  • GPS receiver / antenna,
  • Battery
  • Tablet control unit and Docking Station (for the 4900 Atlas radios)
  • Ruggedized Portable Computer
  • Mounting devices

Side Unit and Accessory type and / or stock number are subject to change without prior notice

 Audio Accessories

For the 4900 Atlas mobile Radios, ASELSAN-designed microphone (handheld control unit) and speaker are used. There is also a display and keypad on the hand control unit. For the 4700 mobile Radios, in addition to the microphone and loudspeaker designed for basic use, audio accessories are also available in the product portfolio, offering handsets or Bluetooth support.




The antennas vary according to the frequency band available and the required gain. It is also possible to select different types of antennas according to the type of mounting desired.


​ ​Antennas that can be used with the 4700 and 4900 Atlas Mobile Radios
Flex VHF 3dB132-174 MHz
VHF/UHF Cut140-170 MHz / 400-470 MHz
UHF 3dB445-470 MHz
VHF/UHF 0dB Black132-512 MHz
VHF/UHF 0dB132-512 MHz
UHF5dBi Low Band412-428 MHz
UHF5dBi High Band450-470 MHz
Low Profile-1 / 0dB132-174 MHz
Low Profile-2 / 0dB148-174 MHz
​ ​Antenna that can only be used with the 4900 Atlas Mobile Radio (with GPS)
Whipped GPS/Cut136 MHz-1 GHz


GPS Receiver / Antenna

Our inventory for GPS-related applications includes the GPS Receiver Unit used with the 4700 Mobile Radio and the GPS antenna used with the 4900 Atlas Mobile Radio.




Vehicle radios are operated through the power supplied by the vehicle's battery. Depending on the properties of the current battery in the vehicle and the usage scenario of the radio (usage frequency, output power, etc.), it may be necessary to replace the battery in the vehicle and use a higher capacity battery. In order to answer this need, our inventory includes batteries of different types and capacities. There are also radio-battery connection cables of different lengths according to vehicle type.


Battery Types​ ​
60Ah / 480A
​ ​72Ah / 570A
​ ​​80 Ah / 640A
​ ​​100Ah / 850A


Tablet Control Unit and Docking Unit for 4900 Atlas Mobile Radio


With the 4900 Atlas Mobile Radios, it is possible to use a Tablet Control Unit, a Docking Station, a USB keyboard, a USB mouse, a printer, a camera, etc. The Tablet Control Unit provides applications such as the map application, messaging application, office applications, etc., that can be used in a wide range of scenarios. By means of the side units, it is possible to take photographs of the incident and transfer it to other units through the radio system, and to take advantage of opportunities such as taking an incoming report while at the scene.



Ruggedized Laptop Computer

Our inventory includes ruggedized laptop computers for users who want to communicate data with the 4700 Mobile Radios. This computer has applications developed by ASELSAN such as personnel and vehicle tracking, messaging and interrogation. Data receiving and transmitting within the radio system is carried out by connecting this computer to the radios and using the radios as a modem.



Mounting Devices

Depending on the vehicle type and installation conditions, different mounting devices and solutions are available for mounting the radios inside the vehicle. The front panel of the 4700 Car Radio can be detached. For the 4900 Mobile Radio there are mounting brackets that allow the receiver- transmitter unit to be mounted under the seat or in the luggage compartment, allowing the Hand-held Control Unit and the Tablet Unit to be used in the front of the vehicle.