Fire Control Radar

​The Fire Control Radar is a short range 3-D tracking radar for land and naval air defense weapon system applications. The radar allows for integrated guns to be directed and locked on to targets, and thus, is suitable for use as the tracking radar in mobile air defense weapon systems. Its naval version accurately addresses naval Close-In Weapon Systems (CIWS).

The Fire Control Radar has been designed specifically for tracked vehicle integration and can operate on-the-move.

If high tracking performance and operation-on-the-move are both requirements that cannot be avoided, ASELSAN's Fire Control Radar is the solution.

Important Features
  • Ku-Band transmission frequency
  • 30km maximum range
  • Pulse Compression
  • 3-D target search and track
  • Highly accurate 3-D target position
  • Automatic target classification
  • Sector search
  • Operation-on-the-move
  • Short reaction time
  • Remote operation from Command & Control Center