Submarine Satellite Communication Terminal

Submarine Satellite Communication Terminal is developed to allow submarines to send and receive command over the satellite in an uninterrupted, fast and reliable manner at a distance.

Unlike the system used on overhead watercraft, there is an antenna system that can provide 2-axis stabilized automatic tracking.

A smaller diameter antenna is preferred in this terminal which has similar characteristics to the ship as satellite communication service.


Features of Submarine Satellite Communication Terminal​
​IP Based, Secure/Non secure voice, data, video teleconferencing and fax communication via satellite
​Communication with other ground terminals via Network Control Center
​2 - Axis Stabilized Automatic Tracking
​X Band or Ku Band Solutions
​Antenna Size: 38 cm
​Power Output: Up to 200 W
​Configurable aggregate voice/data rate according to user requirements
​Configurable for different Shipborne platforms according to the user requirements