TROBES – Train On Board Energy Storage and Management System

TROBES is an energy saving system for railway applications. TROBES has a modular structure that can be configured with batteries and/or supercapacitors.

ASELSAN's investment in new battery technologies results in long-life operation with fast recharge capability. The impact of this technology on railway systems is more reliable and cost-effective catenary-free operation of trams.

Catenary-free systems helps improving visual aesthetics of cities, lowering investment costs and enables more flexible designs of railway vehicles

Also apart from catenary-free operation;

- During acceleration, traction motor will be supplied both   from catenary and battery/supercapacitor energy,

- During deceleration, with regenerative braking, TROBES will recharge its batteries/supercapacitors.

These all will result in energy saving up to %30.


  • Modular energy storage structure
  • with Battery and/or Super Capacitor
  • Catenary-free operation
  • Reducing Infrastructure Investments
  • Optimum energy management
  • Kinetic energy recovery during braking
Important Features